How To Check Sonic Gift Card Balance

How To Check Sonic Gift Card Balance?

Popular drive-in fast food business Sonic is making dining easier for its patrons by giving out gift cards. Whether you have a gift card from Sonic in your wallet or you acquired it recently, monitoring the balance is crucial to improving how much you enjoy your meal. Do not worry if you are wondering how to check the amount on a Sonic gift card! You can easily check the balance on your Sonic gift card and keep your card current by following this guide.

Sonic Gift Card

Customers who purchase at Sonic Drive-In are given gift cards, which function similarly to other types of payment cards. These cards are a simple method of paying for your meals without having to use credit cards or cash. They are available at Sonic, a few retailers, or online. Even without any cash, all you need to do is load the card with money.

The gift card is a great present and a simple method to monitor your Sonic purchases. You can use it to make your favourite meals and desserts. Additionally, you can check the balance on your card online, in person, or by contacting customer support. Finding out how much you can still enjoy at the Sonic restaurant is easy.

How To Check Sonic Gift Card Balance?

Through Sonic Website

Here is how you can check your gift card balance through the Sonic website.

Find Your Sonic Gift Card

Sonic gift cards are available at participating Sonic restaurants, on the official Sonic website, and at a few shops.

Visit The Official Sonic Website

Go to the Sonic Drive-In website to check your balance online. Navigate to the “Gift Cards” section of the website; you can generally find it at the bottom or menu.

Go To The Page For The Gift Card Balance

Once you’re on the Gift Cards page, find the option that lets you check the balance on your gift card. 

Enter The Necessary Information

Next, enter the PIN code if applicable and the gift card number. These details are often located on the back of the card. Enter the information exactly.

Press The “Check Balance” Button

After entering all necessary data, click or tap “Check Balance.” The website, which also shows the balance on your Sonic gift card, will handle your request.

Through Customer Service

Customer service can also be used to check the balance on a Sonic Gift Card. To obtain your balance, locate Sonic’s customer service number on the official website and request it from the customer service agent. To find out your current balance in this instance as well, you must have your PIN code and card number.

Visit The Sonic Physical Store

There is still another way to accomplish the same task. Enter the Sonic restaurant and ask for your balance inquiry at the counter if it’s nearby. The remaining steps follow the same protocol as before.

Other Payment Methods At Sonic

At Sonic, there are several payment options, each with advantages of its own:

  • You can pay using Google Pay or Apple Pay by tapping your phone. These are two excellent options.
  • Credit/Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted. You only need to swipe or insert to get started!
  • Cash is a choice, but it works best for people who always have the correct amount on hand.
  • Sonic occasionally distributes coupons. They pay a portion of the amount; you may still have to find another source of funding for the remaining balance.


In summary, it’s simple to check the balance on your Sonic gift card! Go to a Sonic store, give customer care a call, or visit the Sonic website. Enter your PIN and card number as is. Ordering is easy with Sonic gift cards, and cash is not needed. Additionally, you can pay using cards, coupons, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Thus, savour your meals at Sonic and manage your balance with ease!

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