Does Sonic Take Apple Pay

Does Sonic Take Apple Pay? – A Complete Guide

Do you enjoy Sonic and want to pay for your receipts quickly and easily? iPhone users can pay their bills using the Apple Pay feature on their devices. Does Sonic, though, accept Apple Pay? Yes, that is the response! Beginning in November 2019, Sonic accepts Apple Pay as a form of payment for both online and in-person orders.

With the launch of Apple Pay, Sonic Drive-In enthusiasts now have a more convenient way to buy their favorite Sonic food products, such as hotdogs, burgers, drinks, and slushes.

Using Apple Pay At Sonic Drive-In

Here’s how you are to use Apple Pay for billing at Sonic:

  • After you go to the check-in counter at Sonic restaurant for the billing process, ask for the NFC reader for your iphone.
  • Make sure you have already logged in on your phone.
  • Open the Apple Pay and select your preferred card for payment. 

Does Sonic Take Apple Pay In Drive-Thru?

Yes, Apple Pay payments are accepted at Sonic’s drive-through. However, there are a few procedures you must take to use Apple Pay at the drive-through. First, confirm that the application is installed. Tell the server you will be paying with Apple Pay after placing your order over the intercom. Please bring your device close to the payment location, and when it prompts for authentication, enter your passcode.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

Apple Pay makes making payments on Apple devices, such as your iPhone or Apple Watch, easy and safe. This application allows you to attach your credit or debit card to your device and avoid using cash or physical cards. To make a payment, tap your device in front of a designated reader, such as an NFC scanner. It facilitates simple, rapid, and secure transactions, much like having a digital wallet on your phone.

Why Should You Use Apple Pay At Sonic

At Sonic, there are valid reasons to utilize Apple Pay. First of all, paying for your food is really simple. Both cash and a standard card are a concern. It’s also really secure. Apple Pay uses advanced technology to protect your credit card information. It’s also rapid! Pay your bill with a few touches on your device. Thus, it’s quick, safe, and simple to get your favorite Sonic goodies when you use Apple Pay!

How To Set Up Apple Pay On Your Iphone

Following are some simple steps you need to perform in order to set up apple pay in your apple devices.

  • Start by launching the “Settings” app on your phone.
  • Go to the “Wallet & Apple Pay” option.
  • Select “Add Card” to easily connect your credit or debit card to Apple Pay.
  • Provide the necessary card details as required and complete the verification process.
  • Once your card is successfully added and verified, you’re all set to make quick and efficient payments at Sonic using the convenience of Apple Pay. 

Other Payment Methods At Sonic

There are various ways to pay at Sonic, each with its own perks:

  • Google Pay & Apple Pay: These are some good methods where you just tap your phone to pay.
  • Credit/Debit Cards: You can use American Express, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover cards. Just swipe or insert, and you’re good to go!
  • Cash: It’s an option, but it’s good for those who keep the exact amount with them. 
  • Sonic Gift Card: It is perfect for those who love Sonic. You can add it to your Sonic account and use it whenever you want.
  • Coupons: Sometimes Sonic gives out coupons. They cover a part of the bill, but you might still need another way to pay the rest.


As frequent Sonic customers, you may be searching for ways to make bill payments simple. Since Sonic now takes Apple Pay payments, it’s convenient. Installing the app and configuring the Apple Pay ID is all iPhone users need to do to get going! There are additional payment options available as well, so we advise you to select the one that works best for you!

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