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Sonic Breakfast Hours 2024 Updated

Sonic Breakfast Hours: Sonic is synonymous with excellence, variety, and quality. Sonic has always prioritized the needs of its customers, from its primary menu items to its accommodating hours and catering options. To satiate your early needs, Sonic provides you with flexible breakfast hours. Whether you’re craving egg sandwiches, burritos, or the traditional bacon and pancakes to start your day, Sonic has you covered. It’s pretty simple to locate a Sonic nearby because of its many outlets across the country.

What Time Does Sonic Start Serving Breakfast?

Sonic serves its delectable breakfast menu all day long. You can use the Sonic app to place breakfast menu orders or stop by to sample the variety of food options. However, it’s important to contact ahead to confirm the breakfast hours, as certain sites may have different schedules.

What Time Does Sonic Stop Serving Breakfast?

During the week, Sonic closes at midnight with its breakfast menu. At midnight, Sonic discontinues its morning menu, although the entire menu is still available. Sonic ensures that its delicious food options are available to you whenever you desire. You can savour a variety of burgers, coney dogs, sandwiches, sweets, and soothing drinks at Sonic.

Sonic offers breakfast during the workdays.

Sonic serves items from their delicious breakfast menu all day long. Orders for Sonic’s morning menu items can be placed between 6 and 12 a.m. You can choose from delicious breakfast items on the Sonic menu during these hours, order delivery, or stop by the Sonic Drive-in that’s closest to you.

Sonic Breakfast Hours

Days of the WeekSonic Breakfast Hours Opening & Closing Hours
Sonic breakfast hours on Monday6 am – 12 am
Sonic breakfast hours on Tuesday6 am – 12 am
Sonic breakfast hours on Wednesday6 am – 12 am
Sonic breakfast hours on Thursday6 am – 12 am
Sonic breakfast hours on Friday6 am – 12 am

Sonic Breakfast hours on Weekends

In the league of drive-in restaurants, Sonic is the greatest; in addition to providing a mouthwatering assortment of food products, it extends its morning menu hours on the weekends. On the weekends, Sonic is open from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. to satisfy your desires. If you enjoy Sonic food items, you will find the weekends helpful.

Sonic breakfast hours on Saturday & Sunday

6 am – 1 am

Sonic Breakfast Hours Menu

Sonic is the name of the quality and variety of food items. Sonic not only offers you delicious food but also a wide range of menu items. Here is the list of Sonic Breakfast Hours Menu in detail with a description.

1. French Toast Sticks

Crispy freshly made french toast sticks served with delicious syrups.

2. Bacon Breakfast Burrito

Made with scrambled eggs, melted cheddar cheese, fresh bacon, and tomatoes wrapped in a tortilla wrap and then grilled to add a classic taste.

3. Sausage Breakfast Burrito

Made with scrambled eggs, fresh bacon, melted cheddar cheese, and tomatoes wrapped in a tortilla wrap and then grilled to add a classic taste.

4. Breakfast Toasters

Made with two fresh buttermilk pancakes topped with bacon of your taste and choice, fresh sausage, or ham, and melted American cheese.

5. Green Mountain Coffee

Variety of Coffee drinks, hot coffees, iced coffees, and lattes.

How To Hunt Sonic Breakfast Hours Near Me?

There are three to four ways to search for Sonic Drive-in branches offering Breakfast hours menu items.

Sonic’s Website or App

You can find nearby Sonic locations and search for their Breakfast hours by using your Sonic’s App or website.

Call your local Sonic Branch.

You can directly contact your nearby Sonic location and confirm about Breakfast hours.

Third-Party Websites or Apps

You can search on a reliable web browser for a nearby Sonic branch offering you Breakfast hours.

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