Sonic Secret Menu

Sonic Secret Menu Items You Don’t Know Exist

Numerous mouthwatering delicacies from Sonic’s Secret Menu are available but are only known to a select few. They should be mentioned on their regular menu. They are usually developed by adding a fun touch to traditional menu items or by combining different components in novel and entertaining ways. 

Many individuals are unaware of the existence of these objects because they are unofficial. You are losing out on some really amazing flavours if you are one of them.

Sonic Secret Menu
Sonic Secret Menu

However, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered! We’ll take you through the top Sonic’s Secret Menu items in this post so you may enjoy them on your next visit. 

Sonic Secret Menu Food Items

Here are the top food items you will not find on regular Sonic’s Menu 2024.

Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Sonic’s grilled cheese sandwiches are my favourite breakfast food. To make them extra protein-rich, top them with two slices of salty ham. For an even more nutrient-dense option, ask for fresh tomato, onion, and jalapeño in the sandwich.

Get bacon instead of ham if you are a bigger fan of the stuff.

Extreme Tots

Add delectable toppings like cheddar, ranch sauce, onion, jalapeño, and chilli to elevate Sonic’s standard tots. All these ingredients come together to create a delicious dessert with a variety of textures and flavours. 

A side order of creamy ranch sauce or a cool drink such as Sonic Limeade should be ordered in order to balance out the heat from the jalapeño and chilli. 

By adding the same ingredients to standard Sonic Popcorn Chicken and Sonic Fries, you may get Extreme Popcorn Chicken and Extreme Fries.

Frito Pie

If you’re craving something crunchier than nacho chips, then give Sonic Frito Pie a try; you’ll be amazed from the very first mouthful. Frito chips serve as the foundation, melted cheddar cheese is added to the top, and Sonic custom chilli is added to the top. It combines crisp, spicy spices and oozy cheese in one delicious bite.

The upside is that a single serving of Frito Pie is substantial enough to qualify as a meal, making it the perfect choice for an afternoon snack or a late-night munchie. Only some Sonic employees are familiar with Frito Pie. Instruct them to provide you with Frito chips topped with cheese and chilli.

Pickle O’s

To give the pickles a unique twist, we coated them in batter and deep-fried them until golden brown. You can eat them as crunchy nibbles or mix them into your burger to add even more taste. 

Although they were formerly on the menu, Sonic pickles are no longer formally available. If they have pickles and batter available, you can still ask the staff to make Pickle O’s.

Ring Leader Loaded Burger

This burger is perfect for folks with big appetites since, as its name suggests, it’s stuffed with plenty of different ingredients. 

The term “loaded” refers to the fact that it is packed with a substantial beef patty, cheese, bacon, tomato, and grilled onion. The “Ring” portion of the name is derived from the onion rings. To change the flavour to your preferred level, you can ask for additional condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayo to go with it.

Hickory Burgers

We have something unique for you, BBQ sauce enthusiasts! Use BBQ sauce to enhance the taste of your favourite Sonic burger. The beef patty, cheese slice, bacon, and unique Hickory BBQ sauce give Sonic’s hidden Hickory Burgers their unique sweet-and-sour flavour. 

Here’s a hint: you can make any Sonic burger into a Hickory burger by substituting BBQ sauce for the standard sauce. To enhance the flavour, satiate your appetite, and make the burger larger, add onion rings, tots, or other toppings.

Made-to-Order Burgers

Customizability is a feature that sets Sonic Burgers apart from its rivals. Thus, you can make your own special burger by customizing the sauces, patties, and veggies to suit your tastes. 

If you’re very hungry, you can add more patties to your burger and mix together different sauces to make it even more personalized. Thanks to its adaptability, you can customize your burger to fit your unique appetite and cravings.

Sonic Salads

Despite being a fast-food restaurant, Sonic Drive-In offers salads and other healthy options to satisfy health-conscious patrons. These salads contain a healthy combination of chicken, lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, and other fresh vegetables.  

Additionally, customers with particular tastes can mix and combine things from Sonic’s menu to make a salad that precisely satisfies their dietary requirements.

Sonic Secret Drinks Menu

Here are the hidden gems in Sonic’s drink collection that usually people don’t know:

Sonic Sunrise

It’s one of the most sought-after hidden treasures, called such because of its vivid colour, which reflects the beauty of dawn. 

Equal amounts of Sonic Orange Juice and Cherry Limeade are combined to make this beverage. Due to the acidic flavour of both ingredients, the drink may initially taste strong and zesty.

Sonic Sunshine Smoothie

If you’re sick of plain ice cream, try this smoothie made with vanilla ice cream, crisp orange juice, strawberries, and bananas. 

It is healthier than other Sonic Secret drink options since it contains actual fruits. However, the sugar content is still quite high. As a result, be sure to look up the calorie count to find out how many calories are in each mouthwatering sip.

Pepper Orgasm

Combine your preferred Dr Pepper with blue Powerade and lemonade to create a sweet and tangy carbonated beverage. It’s not the prettiest colour, but it tastes great. It’s essentially the same shade of dark brown as Coca-Cola or Dr Pepper. 

Just list the components if you don’t feel comfortable mentioning this name aloud in front of family. The worker will likely receive what you require.

Purple Sprite

This unique Sprite beverage has lemonade, Powerade, and cranberry juice. It’s an Instagram-worthy item that’s ideal for people who enjoy sharing beautiful things on social media because of its unusual purple colour. 

While Purple Sprite is the standard name for this energizing beverage, certain Sonic locations may refer to it as Purple Passion or Purple O.

Slap Yo Mama

Items in the Sonic Secret Menu frequently have unusual, memorable names. Consider the hit song “Slap Yo Mama,” which is likely to get your attention. 

However, what is in this popular refreshing beverage? It’s a raspberry and lemonade-flavored Powerade slush. The somewhat salty Powerade flavour well balances the sweetness of the lemonade. The raspberry frosting on top gives the slush a delicious twist.

Pink Flamingo

Admirers of Sonic are big admirers of pink drinks, and for good reason. Their vivid hue and invigorating flavour are a visual and gustatory feast. The Pink Flamingo is the most notable of these. 

It’s a drink with Sprite infusion. Sprite, which comes in three tropical flavours—pineapple, orange, and cherry juice—is its main component. Every taste will undoubtedly take you to a tropical location.

Pink Lady

Another fruity and creamy treat that will help you feel revived and energized on hot summer days is Sonic Pink Lady. Its three primary components are vanilla cream, cherry flavouring, and Sprite. 

The Pink Lady was subsequently removed from Sonic’s menu. As a result, this name is still recognizable to many Sonic employees. If, however, they are unfamiliar with it, you can instruct them on how to combine the components above to make a creamy beverage that is precisely balanced.

Pepper Float

To make an ice cream pleasure, improve your Dr Pepper game by adding actual ice cream on top of it. 

If you prefer a more cohesive flavour, you can use a straw for drinking Dr Pepper and a spoon to eat the ice cream. Alternatively, you can mix them together to create a mixture that combines the best of both worlds.

Java Chiller

Lastly, a treat for chocolate enthusiasts! In reality, Sonic Java Chillers are chocolate shakes with ice cream and coffee. Whipped cream and your choice of caramel or chocolate syrup are drizzled over them. 

Savour this delicious treat anytime you’re craving something chocolaty and creamy with a kick of extra energy. 


Sonic Secret Menu is an original concept that offers distinctive products to suit the tastes of all age groups. It offers spicy burgers, creamy floats, vibrant cocktails, and more! Additionally, you can personalize every item to fit your preferences and mood.

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